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Joining Befriending Networks allows your organisation to become part of a membership made up of over 350 befriending projects who provide befriending to a diverse range of services users across the UK and beyond.


What does membership cost?

Costs for membership are kept as low as possible and are scaled from £75 per annum upwards depending on organisational income. For more details, see our resource linked below or click here. 

Benefits of joining Befriending Networks

Watch the video below to learn more about our staff team and the support available from the network. You can also check out our helpful document below "Click here for our Guide to Membership benefits". 

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Click here for our Guide to Membership benefits and costing

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We thank our members for their kind words and for taking the time to create their entries. If you are considering becoming a member of Befriending Networks, we hope these testimonials can help. 

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