Find a Befriender

Do you or someone you know need a Befriender?

Good news! There are befriending projects all over the UK from the Shetland Islands to Cornwall. Our directory provides links to our member services throughout the country so you can find a service that is local and fits the support needs of yourself or someone you care about. 

Important points to bear in mind

Being matched with a befriender can provide an immensely positive impact in many people's lives by offering a reliable, trusting relationship. The role of a befriender is, however, primarily about social contact, rather than doing practical jobs like driving, shopping or DIY or providing other types of care. If a befriender still seems right for you or someone you know, the next step will be to identify and contacted a relevant organisation. Please be aware some organisations will have a waiting list, while others will be able to provide in-person or telephone support sooner.

If you have any questions feel free email:

Find a Befriender

Search our Befriending Directory for a service near you. Other resources for finding a Befriender include your local Council of Voluntary Service (CVS), Volunteer Centre (Local Volunteer Development Agency) or Social Work Department.