Credit Rating Information

The Befriending Networks Vital Skills in Befriending Certificate has been credit rated by the Scottish Qualifications Authority at SCQF level 8 with 34 SCQF credit points. This means that it is broadly comparable to an SVQ4 or HND.

In addition, each course element has been credit rated separately meaning that participants only doing 1 or 2 of the elements can gain credit rating for these on their own without having to do the whole course.

Course elementCredit levelCredit points
Training for trainers86
Recruitment & selection83
Support & Supervision85
Risk Management83
Managing Waiting Lists & Endings83
Monitoring & Evaluation94
Project Development84


The course is intended for people working as co-ordinators within befriending services. It is particularly relevant to people new to befriending and looking for a complete grounding in best practice, or for those more experienced befriending co-ordinators looking for refresher training. In order to complete the assignments, participants will need to be practicing befriending coordinators.


Each of the course elements has a written assignment that goes along with it (click here to view and download assignments). In order to get the credit rating for each element, participants must attend the training day for the element and successfully complete the assignments.

The assignments are heavily practice-based and are intended to be a means by which participants can put learning from the training day into practice at their projects.

The assignments are competence based where all competencies must be achieved. As such, they are marked "pass" or "fail".


Participants wishing to undertake the assignments will need to contact BNS to register. Registration for each assignment will carry a charge of £30.00.

On registration participants will be sent the assignment for the Vital Skills in Befriending Certificate element for which they are registering, they will also receive a copy of the BNS policy on cheating, plagiarism and malpractice.

Submission dates

Participants will be asked to select a submission date which they will work towards.

Dates currently available are:

  • 1st May
  • 1st August
  • 1st November
  • 1st February

Participants will be reminded by email when they are approaching their submission date and should make every attempt to submit for the date selected.

Late submissions will be put back to the next available submission date. Participants should give as much notice as possible if they feel they are unable to submit by the selected date and wish to choose a new date for submission.


Registration for each of the Vital Skills assignments carries a charge of £30.00

Participants will be allowed to resubmit failed assignments on two occasions; this is included in the initial registration cost.


The assignments are competence based where all competencies must be achieved. As such they are marked "pass" or "fail".

In the event of an assignment failing, participants will receive a copy of their learning outcomes and evidence sheet outlining the areas in which they have failed to come up to the standard required to pass. They will also receive a copy of the appeals and resubmission policy.

This letter will be followed by a phone call from one of the trainers ensuring that the candidate knows what is required of them in order for them to resubmit.

Participants will be allowed to resubmit on 2 occasions, if they have still failed to pass after this they would be required to repeat the training input.

Prior learning/Core Skills attendance

Anyone who has completed any of the elements of the course under its previous Core Skills name will be eligible to register for the assignment attached to that element.

People seeking to gain recognition of prior learning or prior experiential learning would:

  • Be able to prove that they had participated in a previous training course & that the content of that training was comparable. They would evidence this by:
    • presentation of the course outline and learning outcomes, and
    • any certificate they gained for attendance at this course
    • or written notification from their manager that they had attended this course
  • PLUS 3 years experience in the field of befriending coordination.
  • PLUS be asked to complete and submit the assignments for each of the 9 elements of Vital Skills in Befriending which would be marked in the usual way.

BNS has since April 2008 had a website and bookings database which record all training bookings.