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University of Edinburgh Launches 18-Month ESRC-Funded Research Into Children's Befriending

18 January 2011

Professor Lynn Jamieson and Dr Sue Milne from the University of Edinburgh have just been awarded an 18-month research grant from Economic and Social Research Council to look at the role and impact of male befrienders in children’s befriending projects.

Research results from the project’s pilot study show that although children from lone mother backgrounds often make up to 75% of referrals to befriending projects, only 25% of befrienders in the children’s befriending sector are male.

Looking at how and whether this matters, the research, entitled, Me and My Befriender, will focus on using feedback from children themselves in order to help the sector better understand children’s experiences of growing up with a befriender; focusing too on which aspects of a befriending relationship are or need to be gender-specific.

Compiling children’s views and expectations in this way will be a sector first and will contribute significantly to the development of child-led befriending initiatives.

For more information on this research, please see the project’s website, http://www.crfr.ac.uk/befriending/index.html.

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