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Befriending Networks is the umbrella body for befriending services operating across the UK and beyond. We exist to support befriending services, both new and established, and advocate for befriending activity. We currently have about 250 members.

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Benefits of Membership

Membership is not free but we keep the cost of subscriptions as low as possible, and fees start at just £75 a year. Member benefits include the following:

  • FREE downloads, including – Befriending Resource Pack comprising ‘Good Practice in Befriending: a comprehensive guide to befriending practice in the UK’, ‘Square One: Developing new befriending services’, ‘A Summary of Recent Research Evidence’ and hundreds of resources, including template policies. If you can’t find what you want on our website and it’s befriending-related, we’ll find it for you.
  • FREE advertising for befriending staff vacancies on our website, and promotion of events via our Facebook page
  • FREE monthly e-newsletter for befriending organisations giving information about developments across the UK.
  • FREE Evaluation Toolkit. A 120-page one-stop shop guiding projects through the evaluation process, and providing valuable resources for demonstrating your impact.
  • FREE participation in our regional networking events, or by videoconferencing, which gives you the opportunity three times a year to speak to colleagues, share information, and discuss current issues in the befriending sector.
  • Specialist befriending- related training modules, and the opportunity to achieve the only befriending-specific accredited qualification in the UK. Training can be face to face or online.
  • FREE access to members-only content on our website, www.befriending.co.uk.
  • Access to our consultancy and evaluation service or 1:1 telephone support, to discuss any issues of your practice with our trained and highly experienced staff.
  • FREE listing in the Befriending Services Directory, the online database of befriending organisations in the UK and Ireland. Services have control over their own entries, which you can update to include information about volunteer training dates, referral criteria or any other relevant information.
  • The opportunity to work towards the UK's only befriending-specific Quality Award, allowing you to review every aspect of your service and receive objective and comprehensive feedback. Achieving the QiB Award (good practice) or QiB Excellence allows you to demonstrate the quality of your service to funders, referrers, befriendees and potential volunteers.
  • FREE online interactive training for your befriender – ensuring your befrienders are aware of the essential elements of the role, and ensuring your own time can be spent delivering training which is specific to your service.

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