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The good news is that there are befriending projects all over the UK from the Shetland Islands to Cornwall and many places in between!

The not so good news is that coverage is widespread, but can be very patchy, because funding for befriending doesn't always come through. So you might find that in some areas there may be a project for young people, but not for anyone else, or one for everyone except young people. It can therefore prove frustrating for some people who live in an area where there is not a befriending project to match their situation.

Being matched with a befriender can provide a really positive boost in many people's lives, but like anything else, there is a list of dos and don'ts. It's worth remembering that the role of a befriender is primarily about social contact and about forming a reliable, trusting relationship – it's not about doing practical jobs like driving, shopping or DIY. Other things to be aware of are that befriending projects can be heavily oversubscribed, and may operate a waiting list if this is the case.

Our directory of befriending services provides a broad picture of activity throughout the country, but we don't always have full local details.

You can Got a Question?, but it's also worth contacting your local Council of Voluntary Service (CVS), Volunteer Centre (Local Volunteer Development Agency) or Social Work Department as they may also have information on befriending projects in your area. It's also worth searching the net. Sometimes a straightforward search in Google or other search engine can lead to a promising link.