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Interest Link Borders

“We knew from experience that finding the right evaluator was very important: they needed to be familiar with the field in which we worked and able to cope with the peculiarities of a voluntary organisation such as committees and volunteers. BNS satisfied these requirements.
We also wanted the work carried out within a fairly short timescale and to result in a report that we could use as a basis for our planning process and show to external bodies such as funders as an independent assessment of our worth. BNS met all these requirements: we discussed our needs and BNS produced a clear proposal setting out how they wished to conduct the evaluation and asking for comments on survey questions and details of available interviewees. From acceptance of the proposal to completion of the report took just over a month, including telephone interviews, group & one-to-one meetings, initial drafts for our comments and the finished article. The Report was exhaustive and very professional and has been much admired by the many people we sent it to. It provided an excellent base for our project planning process and a good template for future small-scale evaluations we have carried out ourselves.”

—Andrew Findlay, Project Co-ordinator, Interest Link Borders

Shetland Befriending Scheme

“Having an evaluation done after three years was an extremely valuable experience to go through. It's given me the motivation to continue to do what we're doing and to develop the service. It's also cleared up some uncertainties I had about whether I was doing things right or not. We've been making some changes as a result: doing refresher training for long-term volunteers, organising more peer support and looking at ways of passing on feedback from parents and referral agencies to volunteers so that they are aware of the benefits of their work and remain motivated. For the project as a whole, it's helped with regard to thinking about the options for development in the future.”

—Lynn Dalziel, Co-ordinator, Shetland Befriending Scheme

Training client

“The response to your training was amazing. 82% (there were 50 participants) rated your workshops as excellent, with the remaining 18% saying it was good. There were loads of positive comments.”

—Organisation commissioning training on 'Recovery'