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About the Network
Since the late 1980s, Befriending Networks has provided support, training and guidance to hundreds of befriending projects across the country.

Many befriending projects are small and can also be geographically isolated. Those running the projects therefore find value in meeting and exchanging information and experience, as well as in working together to develop best practice. In addition new projects setting up are usually developing work that has been done elsewhere before and there is a great need for lessons learned to be exchanged.

Befriending Networks performs the role of providing information and support for new and established befriending projects. This helps them to develop effectively and efficiently by sharing experience and practice between projects.

Befriending Networks also plays a developmental role for befriending projects in writing resources and setting guidelines and recommendations for best practice in managing them.

Befriending should be a positive experience for everyone involved. As the umbrella organisation for befriending, Befriending Networks' purpose is to ensure this, by providing the information, training and support to encourage befriending projects to exchange experience and develop good practice.

Befriending Networks Ltd is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee.